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Chemistry Abounds
A.K.A Give Jeff An A+

Chemistry it’s a science
Of human reliance
But The Truth Is
It makes soda pop fizz
We Use Chemistry Everyday
At Work School and Play
Chemistry Is Central It Must Persist
Without It No Other Science Exists
Physics, Biology, Geology, the Science of Matter
It Helps Figure out What Makes People Fatter
Structures and Atoms Become United
When Heated They Become Excited
Solids, Liquids and Gases
Help To Please the Masses
Acids and Bases
All Over the Places
Some Compounds Change
As Their Structures Rearrange
Chemical Compounding
Results Are Astounding
Some Molecules Attach
And They Form the Perfect Match
When Molecules Split
The Atoms Are It
A Chemical action
Is an Elementary Reaction
Chemistry Surrounds
All Elements Around
A Chemical Conversion
Is Often an Diversion
The Periodic Table of Elements
Gives Each Compound It’s Relevance
Neurochemistry Studies the Brain
And The Criminally Insane
The Study of Teamwork, Business and Love
Included in the Chemistry As Mentioned Above
While You Play Your Videogame
Chemistry Directs Your Brain
You Use Chemistry Whether You Like It or Not
It can be seen in weather cold or hot
As Shown By This Poem
I Wrote In my Home
My Neurotransmitters were Smoking
This Is the End, I’m Not Joking.
A Chemistry Poem i wrote for Extra Credit last year. this poem has done a lot for me. it got me started on the Spoken Word scene and I've been requested to preform it for other people many times. enjoy.
Manzo1239 Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2010
Man that was great.
My name is Saleh and i have an chemistry poem due today.But i dont know what to do.You got any clue on what i should do.
bubblegum17 Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2007
i love chemistry! i mean, i think it's a great and fun subject.. and this makes me love it even more! lol. great job. and thanks for the page visit, by the way ;P
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